The Weekly News 3rd Oct edition

My first story is published in this weeks Weekly News. it’s a great feeling seeing your name in print!

I’ve sent a story to take a break and Apex magazine this week, so fingers crossed.

As for what Katie did next on the career front, I am really enjoying helping out at school at the moment for two afternoons a week. I’m wondering whether to look into becoming a teaching assistant. Watch this space.

Did loads of baking today. I attemted to make cupcakes, or a posher more attractive version of my usual attempts. the boys like them, but I’m not too happy with how the frosting looks. In fact they look like my boys made them! The same goes for the gingerbread men I made, they taste yummy but look ridiculous! Scones were ok, can’t really go wrong.

I was thinking of making homemade gingerbread houses as Christmas presents for family this year. I bought all the cutters last year, but the roof collapsed as the gingerbread was too bendy. I think I’m going to make a haunted house for Halloween in order to practice, it won’t matter too much if it looks like the house in the Blair Witch project film then! I’ll post photo’s.


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