EeK Swine Flu!

Well I suppose it was only a matter of time. My youngest son started to complain of a sore throat last Thursday night, then by Friday lunch his temperature was over 40 c and he was complaining of headache, sore throat and aching legs. We rang the pandemic line as advised by GP surgery, then after he was diagnosed decided that we didn’t really believe the 17 years old completely non medically trained person on the end of the phone, who diagnosed swine flue and gave us a code to collect Tamiflu. They didn’t have a clue if Tamiflu was safe to give to a 5 year old with severe allergies. We got in touch with surgery and this time managed to speak to an actual real life Dr! The Dr said it indeed sounded like swine flue and said he should be fine with the Tamiflu. By the time we collected it his temp had come down so we decided not to give it to him.

Oh and they gave us hard capsules as there is a shortage of the syrup. We were told to break each capsule and mix the stuff inside with chocolate sauce, despite on the packet it says do not break capsules and swallow whole??!!

Anyway today he is feeling much better, just needs feeding up. Children lose weight so easily when they are ill and also his energy levels are up and down, so shattered by the end of the day.

I’m really hoping no one else in the family gets it as we are off to Center parcs soon. Yippee

So haven’t really thought about career choices recently and haven’t written anything new either.
School is really busy and expensive at the moment, still enjoying helping in school twice a week at the moment, won’t make it tomorrow though as keeping youngest son off again.

Cheerio for now.


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