Gorgeous day!

It has been a gorgeous day today in Yorkshire, warm, sunny and a perfect blue sky. Also my youngest is back on top form and we’ve had great fun spending time together as we kept him off school again today.

I have planted daffodil bulbs as usually I buy them and than never get round to planting them. I then find a mushy unidentifiable bag full of mould in the shed. My son raked leaves and pottered around watering everything in sight.

We then spent ages filling in a Cbeebies magazine I bought for him. He always says he’s too old for Cbeebies, but secretly loves it. He is only five, don’t kids grow up quickly these days! I have to say the mag is great value has loads of activities in it and a free gift.

Later we went on a bike ride and collected some leaves for leaf printing, which we did on return.

Fab day as it was, role on tomorrow so I can get the house sorted!

I’m also trying to get organised early for Christmas this year, but I have one major obstacle – lack of funds. We have bought a reconditioned DS Lite for one of our son’s, but need another. None in stock at the moment. I am still determined to make some gifts this year for family, so far have decided on gingerbread houses, fudge and chocolate brownies. Last year I made gift hampers for my Mother in law and sister in law which they loved and they don’t cost that much if you take advantage of BOGOF offers during the year. Of course for that to work you need to be organised which I’m not :0)


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