Busy, busy, busy!

I love Christmas!

Today I have 32 presents to wrap for year fours visit from santa, serve mulled wine to parents at the nativity (volunteerd so I have an excuse to watch my super talented son for the 3rd time!) and sort my own stuff out.

My hubby has decided to invite 10 people for a quiz/christmas quiz night on saturday, so there will be 12 of us in total. Not too large a number until you start to wonder where everyone is going to sit, what we are going to eat and drink plus quiz questions to organise. My hubby has kindly nominated me as question master. I have a set of questions from a quiz they did at my sister in laws school but to be honest I think the questions are too easy, I even know the answers to some of them and that’s saying something! So if anyone has any ideas?

All this to do in addition to recovering from op. Feeling just about back to normal now. Went to the drs last night to get blood test results, waited for an hour only to be told that they didn’t have them and they had no record of my op at the surgery. How long does it take?

Must go, off for coffee at a friends, see told you I’m just soooo busy! Will call in at Lidl on the way home to buy chocolate and sugar. I’m going to try and make truffles – watch this space.



  1. December 9, 2009 / 5:58 pm

    I sell a downloadable Christmas Quiz. It's £7.99 and you get picture rounds, music rounds, everything.

    Have a wee look and whatever happens, have a great quiz party!

    Or, if you want to hack together your own thing, I also have a site with loads of free questions: dpquiz.co.uk


    Dr Paul

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