Quiz night success

We had a fab evening and the quiz questions went down a treat, although I think I had high expectations of the guests level of ability!

One guest who shall remain nameless (David) answered that venison was a drinkable product from the Sandringham estate??!!

I quite enjoyed being the question master and looking at all the blank faces. I reckon I should have been a teacher.

I was drinking some sparkling Perry from Lidl, we didn’t tell anyone it was from Lidl though. It was gorgeously light and fruity although I think I could debate the alcohol content. It was £1 a bottle! I’m going to get some more today and stock up for Christmas. It was great to wake up this morning with a clear head. I’m afraid I just can’t handle hangovers anymore.

Food was great, but alot of hard work and made too much as usual.

Will definitly have another night like this.


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