Crazy traffic and crazy people in charge of shopping trolleys!

What makes normally sane people turn into lunatics when behind the wheel of a car or in charge of a shopping trolley?

We had a hospital appointment for my son at 2pm today so we set off in plenty of time, or so I thought until I noticed the queues in every direction. Not only were there queues, people were taking huge risks to bypass them like driving on the opposite side of the road into oncoming traffic. When we arrived we couldn’t find a parking space, there were actually alot free but noone seemed to have the ability to park between the lines.

Just to continue the moaning theme, we went shopping to Morrisons this morning and it was awful. Lots of elderly people ramming their trolley into the backs of your legs or standing in the middle of the isle chatting. Grrrr! At one point I asked my son to get some yoghurts from further down the isle, but then he was prevented from getting back to me by being surrounded by 3 ladies with their trolleys glaring daggers at him and muttering about the youth of today. He’s only 8 for goodness sake.

Anyway if I’ve forgotten to buy anything it will have to be from the local Co op.

I’m off out tonight for drinks with the girls, should be good and I’m looking forward to it.

I do like the elderly in general, we met a lovely elderly Irish man at the checkout today who has restored my Christmas spirit, he was lovely.


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