Competitions on Money Saving Expert

I’ve just stumbled across a thread on Money Saving Expert forum about competitions.

There are literally hundreds of competitions to enter, daily, weekly, monthly and instant wins. You name it and the details are there. People on the forum apear to have won a significant amount of competitions each year. They have probably entered thousands, but if you’re not in it you can’t win it – so to speak.

So I’ve spent hours last night and this morning entering quite alot. I have even instantly won something which will arrive in 15 days, no idea what, but still.

My 2 boys are back at school today. My youngest woke up and said his teeth, face, neck, ears, nails(?) etc. etc. hurt in the hope that I’d let him stay at home. He soon came round when I told him he’d be able to find out what all his friends got from Santa.

My eldest son is starting Spanish lessons after school tonight, much to his disgust! He’d rather be at home playing on his DS, which incidently may be banned during the week the same as his Wii and Playstation as he is turning into a zombie.

Back to the housework and competitions, maybe I’ll start on my writing soon. Putting it down to writers block! Sounds good anyway.


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