All mum’s are working mums

Sorry for the depressing post yesterday, feeling much better today.

I just realised that my title of “first week as a working Mum” was really not right. Having spent years as a full time at work mum, part time working mum and stay at home mum the work load doesn’t get any less and stay at home mums probably work the hardest. There’s no chance of structured coffee breaks with other adults and a dinner hour with young children.

I’ve kind of managed to establish a routine re housework this week, I thought I would do it in the afternoons, but have stayed longer at school and worked more hours. So we had a big tidy up this morning and it’s definitly a case of lots of hands make light work, or whatever the saying is! In fact my youngest enjoyed it and even tidied our bedroom.

We have my nephew staying for the weekend, he’s 18 months old and totally adorable. He’s just so good! He has a sleep in the afternoon for 2 hours then goes to bed later around seven and sleeps ALL night until eight the next day. I don’t quite know where we went wrong, but my eldest son had to sleep with one of us until he was six and then we had to bribe him with promise of a wii, definitly money well spent though.


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