Woo Hoo! Half term!

Yes, I know I’ve only been working for two whole weeks, but I have been so excited about school finishing. I love the job so far, but feel totally exhausted and need a few lie ins. I’m putting the tiredness down to starting a new job, but is it possible to feel so shattered after only working 3 hours a day? How embarassing.

Plans for next week – we have decided to spend a couple of nights in Chester, mainly so that I can go to the zoo, not sure if the rest of the family are too bothered, but I love going to the zoo. If anyone has any other tips on where to visit in Chester it would be greatly appreciated. My hubby’s a little disapointed there isn’t a GBK his usual haunt in York.

My son’s school had a skipping contest today, which was really good fun. My youngest son didn’t think so and spent all last night awake saying he had a tummy ache, I was almost convinced he was definitly not well until 8 o clock this morning he suddenly started to cry saying he didn’t want to skip and he didn’t want to go swimming, a big cuddle and reassurance that I would talk to his teacher and he was back to his usual self, if only he’d told us last night, I wouldn’t have had to spend half the night in his not much bigger than a toddler bed whilst he spread out in the double.

I’ve had a pretty good day actually, work was good, had my hair cut and coloured and got some new cool, purple glasses that cost a small fortune (£500 to be exact, but got them for £300 as optician is a friend:-) I really must make sure I wear them sometimes as I normally wear contact lenses.

I think this post is probably now getting extremely boring, so I’ll close for now. Roll on spring and summer, I really need some sunshine. We’ve looked to see if we could get a cheap deal to the Canaries next week, but is there such a thing as a cheap deal these days? we certainly couldn’t find one.


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