Oh no! dentist today ..

I seem to have developed a fear of the dentist. I’ve had loads of treatment over the years and have been fine, but I had a bit of a traumatic experience at the new NHS dentist in the area 6 months ago. I needed a filling replacing and probably should have headed from the door when I was asked if I needed a local anaesthetic – erm yes! Anyway I had loads of anaesthetic injected and could still feel pain/agony, but at least the work had been done, or so I thought. Fast forward 6 months and I now have loads of pain from the same tooth, went back to the dentist and I now need root canal work, never had it before, but totally dreading it.

Gorgeous weather in Yorkshire today. I’m getting my usual seasonal desire to get gardening. So far i’ve planted carrots and lettuces in a raised bed on my patio, salad leaves in the small plastic greenhouse I’ve been given along with sweet peas and pansies. I’ve also sprinkled some wildflower seeds I got free last year from a save our bees campaign, so fingers crossed. Maybe I’ll post some photo’s as they grow.

We’ve booked another holiday for may half term to Ibiza, a little worried about air travel at the moment but I’m hoping it will be sorted by then. My friend has now been stuck in Crete since last friday and my Dad’s in lanzarote.


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