Procrastinating …

Hope I’ve spelt the title right. I have a list of things to do today and so far I’ve been to a friends for coffee and eaten a huge lunch which has cancelled out ( probably) the 2 lbs I’ve lost since Thursday. The girls are asleep, so why am I sitting here writing this when the washing is piling up. Right, enough is enough, I’m going to set myself a target of listing at least 5 things a day to sell on ebay, just need to take some good pics during the day and then I can list them tonight. I’ll let you know how I get on.

I really must apologise to the lady who held one of my twins at the coffee morning, poor thing is a childrens’ nurse with both of her own children at school. She was probably looking forward to a civilised hour or two without children, but ended up with an eight month old dribbling rich tea biscuits over her – oh dear. What else could I do? At least my girls won’t be clingy!

Off to get on with the photo’s now. xxxx


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