Self assessment tax returns arrghh!!

I’ve got myself in a pickle and the deadline is today, although apparently the tax people are on strike today, so won’t get fined. Why is it so difficult? Why don’t people tell you exactly what to do when registering as a partnership? As for NI contributions when you are working and self employed, well don’t even go there. I think any profit I made will go on NI bill. What’s the point springs to mind? I may as well have just not worked at all, got paid benefits with all contributions paid for rather than have hours and hours of stress and hassel to be only worse off. All I can say is thank goodness my Dad’s an accountant, although I’m not sure his role stretches to miracle worker!
Rant over. Didn’t list anything on ebay yesterday or photograph anything as tax took over. Such a cloudy dull and cold day today the photo’s would be rubbish anyway. The girls have colds and I have a headache – great. Now that everyone reading this is thoroughly depressed I’ve decided to join the Netmums Blogging Network, so an even larger amount of people can feel fed up. I’m not normally as miserable as this. Why would anyone want to work in a tax office? I suppose if it’s not your tax your dealing with it may not be as bad. Ooops, still ranting.
On a lighter note, I’ve submitted a childrens story to an agent, so positive thinking. I may be a millionaire this time next year – not

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