Literary agent has requested full manuscript!

Wow, I sent the first 3 chapters of a children’s book I started to write a few years ago to an agent and they’ve requested the full manuscript and want to read it exclusively. I’m a total novice at this and not sure if this is good or not? I’m busy polishing the rest of the book to send in. I suppose I should have done that before sending. I hope they don’t mind waiting.

took the kids to York today with my hubby. Didn’t work out too well as extremely busy (especially when pushing a double buggy) and one of my twins is teething, so cried the whole time. Came home with relief!

We have intentions on decorating the house this week so we can put it up for sale. We are ok for space until the girls are about two, then they’ll need beds and we really can’t fit them in! Decorating the house is proving to be difficult with twins, wish we had decent help with childcare or we were rich enough to pay someone to do it, that would be heaven.


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