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I was looking through moneysavingexpert forum a few weeks ago, to try and look at extra ways of increasing my income. The boys are now discovering clothes with brand names and what’s cool and what’s not. Of course all the cool stuff comes at a price!

Anyway, I came across a site called, where clients pay writers to write content for their website. As a writer you send off a sample of writing to Text broker and they rate it. The number of stars they rate you with, then gives you access to writing jobs. You accept a job in the subject you have an interest in, write the article according to instructions, send it off and receive payment, revision recommendations or a rejection. As an aspiring writer I’ve found its a fab way of making a little extra cash and writing practice. The subjects available are a little bizarre though, so far I’ve written 3 articles, on dating in South West Australia, How to give your child a high quality education and 0% finance when purchasing a mountain bike!

Money received is not great, however it soon mounts up and as you get more experienced your star rating is likely to increase, which allows you access to the best paid work. I’ve read of people making £50 per day on the site, albeit working full time hours.

Hope the information is of help to someone.



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