Mmm Baking day

I love baking. I have to be in the mood though. If I am, I find it really relaxing. It’s also a good excuse to say to rest of the family Sorry, can’t do what you’re asking as I’m baking! It really works as everyone looks forward to eating the results, so a little “me” time in the kitchen listening to the radio. Of course it’s totally necessary to read a magazine whilst the cakes in the oven. I am a little ashamed to say that I feel just a little bit annoyed if anyone tries to help. I do believe that children should help in the kitchen and learn about food and I do put time aside for this activity (sometimes) but, I really don’t want 3 boys (includes the boy from next door) sticking their fingers in the bowl etc. Am I on my own in thinking this?

Anyway, I made scones in our new oven and they turned out fab. I make scones alot as they are pretty low fat and I used to eat tons of them on my gallstone attack prevention diet I had to do a while ago (read previous posts – lost loads of weight!). It’s pretty important not to put butter or cream on them though, just jam. I also made Easter biscuits, which were very easy and made extra special by brushing the tops with egg white and sprinkling sugar on before putting back in the oven for a few more minutes. Lovely crunchy topping.

Took the girls for a hospital appointment today. The carpark was closed, so had to park ages away. We didn’t take the push chair (stupidly) so had to lug 2 carseats for ages. i’ll have to list the things that people say to me with the twins. To start with off the top of my head:-

Oh dear,
Did you buy one get one free?
Which one’s the naughty one?
Which one’s the clever one?
A boy and a girl, how lovely. (when both wearing pink)
Double trouble.
Are they twins?

The list goes on and on. Lovely comments from alot of people too. I watched One Born Every Minute last night and have to agree with the lady on there, it’s fab having twins and I must have done something right to have them.


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