30 home-based business ideas for stay at home mums

This list is certainly not exhaustive and I will probably add to it as time progresses. I will concentrate on each business idea in subsequent posts. If anyone has any other work from home business ideas, I would love to hear about them. One day I may find something that works for me! Aim to choose a business that you are passionate about as this business is more likely to succeed. 
1. Child minder/babysitting services
2. Domestic cleaner
3. Online auctions
4. Virtual PA
5. Direct sales jobs e.g. Avon, Betterware, Usborne books
6. Blogging,
7. Surveys
8. Freelance writer
9. Tutor
10. Antiques dealer
11. Cake decorating
12. Catering
13. Bed and breakfast
14. Car boot sales
15. Flower arranging
16. Gardening
17. Crafts
18. Flat pack maker/handy person
19. Ironing
20. Leaflet distribution
21. Musician/DJ
22. Personal shopping
23. Pet grooming
24. Dog walking, pet care
25. Renting out equipment/driveway
26. Foreign student hosting  
27. Website designing
28. Photographer
29. Wedding planner/event planner
30. Writing letters/selling stories to magazines

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