Child minding business


If you love children and enjoy spending time with them, becoming a registered child minder may be the ideal business choice for you. As a registered child minder you can choose what hours you would like to work and how many children you would like to care for, up to the limit set by ofsted. You can help to nurture a child in reaching their potential alongside your own children. No two days are the same and the enjoyment and fun involved in creating an environment to enable a child to develop and grow is very rewarding. Once you have decided that child minding may be the career for you, the next step is to contact your local authority in order to discuss the need for registered child minders in your area and to point you in the right direction of approved training courses.
It may be possible to apply for a grant to cover the cost of creating a home environment suitable for child minding. This could pay for safety equipment, toys, high chairs etc.
A training course must then be completed which covers all aspects of becoming a child minder, including child protection. You will also need to complete an approved paediatric first Aid course. An enhanced criminal record check (DBS) and public liability insurance is mandatory. Register with ofsted in order to get your home inspected.
Child minding is a business that I have personal experience of, I registered as a child minder when my son was young. It was an ideal way to spend quality time with my son and the children I child minded became his friends. I didn’t look after as many children as I could have as I enjoyed having the time to spend with just one or two extra children. When my son started school I stopped child minding as I felt I had moved onto the next stage of parenting, I also didn’t want the stress of having extra children in my house when my children returned from school tired and grumpy. I know many child minders in my area who have made successful and lucrative careers from child minding and it is certainly something I would consider doing again.

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