15 reasons for moving to a remote scottish island

Following on from my previous post.
What if Katy moved to a remote Scottish Island …
I thought it would be a good idea to think about the pro’s and cons.

Ever the optimist I’ve decided to go for positive reasons to move to a remote Scottish Island first.

Reasons will be very subjective however and some positives for us would probably be a nightmare for others!

So here goes:-

1, Less people/more space  (as my 15 year old son feels that the rest of the family (not him) are socially awkward – could be a plus!)

2, Fresh, clean air.

3, Less traffic (no traffic on some islands).

4, Peace and quiet.

5, The chance to be self sufficient (could be a minus – depending how it goes).

6, Living close to the sea.

7, Living in a small, supportive community. (hopefully)

8, Abundant wildlife.

9, Spectacular and magnificent views.

10, No crime.

11, Adventure.

12 The chance to bring children in a clean environment, close to nature, away from electronic and social media pressures.

13, Surprisingly mild climate.

14, General healthier lifestyle.

15, A chance to leave the rat race of life’s pressures, commutes and general hassles.

I’ve probably missed loads, has anyone got anything to add?
Look out for the cons



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