Son’s Facebook status “In a relationship …” Help!

My eldest son has got a girlfriend – how do I know? He put it on his Facebook status that he is “in a relationship!”

New phase of parenting has arrived, does it come with a manual? Erm, no. We will probably be winging it, as usual and hope things turn out ok.  

What are the rules for your 15 year old son when “in a relationship”? What does being in a relationship entail? Perhaps it’s best not to think about it!

It is a bit of a shame when he’s about to take his GCSE’s to be distracted, ha ha in fact be could have waited until at least June. Saying that, all of a sudden he seems to actually be giving some consideration as to what he wants to do at A level, maybe being in a relationship has increased his level of maturity? Maybe it’s a boy thing ie can’t be bothered revising until it actually matters, who knows.

What did Katy do next?  She had to have “the talk” with her 15 year old son – or maybe she delegated this task to her husband!


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