9 failed attempts at communicating with school

A record of attempts to form a channel of communication with my home educated sons potential new secondary school.

1 – October 2016, phoned school to ask if there are any vacancies. Snotty response from secretary that it’s not information they can give over the phone.

2 – Applied online for school place.

3 – End of November 2016. Phoned county to ask if he has a place . Response that the forms were sent to the school 9th November and not to phone them as they will contact us.

4 – Sent email to school to ask when we will hear – no response. No phone call.

5 – We waited until Christmas school holidays were over and phoned county in January. Response that our son has been allocated a place from end of December! County informed us to expect a call from the school.

6 – No phone call received, so we phoned school, twice and eventually managed to arrange a meeting with head of year.

7 – Went to meeting this week. We have now waited 2 days for a phone call to arrange son to visit school!

8 – Phoned school this morning – put on hold then got cut off. Eventually asked for the head of year to phone us back.

9 – Still waiting …

Honestly doesn’t bode well or instil any confidence, that they are going to be able to accommodate a child with severe anxiety. Also we haven’t received anything in writing that he even has a place!

Trying to be positive, but it’s wearing thin slightly.

Moan over …

What did Katy do next? She kicked some ass


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