An arty kind of week

One of the most pleasurable parts of home education is the freedom to learn and try out new things.

I loved art as a child and so does my son. However, my art lessons at school finished abruptly when it was time to choose our option, as my parents decided that O’ level art wasn’t a “proper” qualification. How I wish I’d been allowed to study it further. Not that I am particularly good at art, but I find painting and drawing very relaxing – more so than Chemistry which I took (and failed) instead.

My son and I have discovered the most amazing tutorials on YouTube, which literally take you step by step in creating a piece of art. We have focused on acrylics and are learning lots. The best channels we have found so far, are by Angela Anderson and The Art Sherpa.

We have also discovered photography and my son developed a blog to show some of his pictures.
He is a little sparse with his posts!

So here are some of our masterpieces!

So what did Katy do next? She became an artist – maybe with a bit more practise ha ha!


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