16 Reasons for NOT moving to a remote Scottish Island

To provide a balanced view on why it may NOT be a good idea to move to a remote Scottish Island I’ve put together another list.
16 reasons for not moving to a remote Scottish Island.
To be fair it probably just counteracts the reasons for moving:-

1, Not enough people to socialise with. If you move to an Island with only 20 other people living on it, you’re going to have to hope that you like them!

2, The weather – although dramatic you’re basically going to have to love rain, by the bucket load, day after day, relentlessly soaking everything.

3, Shops – there aren’t any.

4,  Dodgy WIFI and no mobile phone reception. (could be a major plus in hindsight!)

5, What do you do when you need medical care quickly?

6, Potential to be a little boring? If you are not comfortable in your own company. Especially boring for teenagers.

7, Although living close to the sea is a bonus, travelling by sea ferry could be a bit vomit inducing on rough days. Also in stormy weather the Island could be cut off for a while.

8, Can’t just “pop out” if you run out of HP sauce or other essentials.

9, Flies and midges in the summer.

10, Education – usually there are primary schools, but secondary provision is sparse.

11, Growing veg to be self sufficient relies on the weather, fine if you are growing as a hobby, but if your survival depends on it … (might be being a bit dramatic with this one).

12, A long way for friends and family to visit. Expensive too.

13, Long, dark, windy winters.

14, Work and occupations limited and specialised

15, Very open with not many trees.

16, Expensive food, fuel and delivery charges.

So it looks like I’ve managed to highlight more reasons for not moving to a remote Scottish Island rather for.

I still feel strangely drawn to giving it a go though. Although not sure we’re brave enough.




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