Unleaded petrol in the diesel car! Back injury! Not the usual Valentines post …

Last Thursday I injured my back, not in a minor “ooh, my back’s hurting a bit today” kind of injury more of a “Arrghhh, I can’t stand up, move my legs, drive, sleep or do anything!” kind of way.

How did I do it? Just carrying in washing from the drier and twisting a bit awkwardly. Just goes to show, that it’s so easy to do.

So, the weekend arrives and we have 4 children to get to various places, feed, entertain, bath, provide clean clothes for and generally look after. My husband has 3 gigs all over Yorkshire on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.

We battle through the weekend, or rather my hubby did whilst I spend the time either lying flat on my back or completely upright on the dining chair, high on Codeine and with various ice packs and creams on my back.

That’s when it happened my hubby went to get petrol on way to gig and put unleaded in the car instead of diesel! Normally I would be a little miffed, but could I be cross? No, he’s had such a tough weekend and he’s spinning so many plates, that one of them was bound to smash eventually.

Roll onto today (Valentine’s Day) and we still haven’t sorted it. We’ve kind of ignored it to be honest, a little bit worried to google what it’s going to cost and what it entails. In fact we’ve decided to phone the AA tonight to see if they can help. To be fair I’ve been a member for at least ahem .. 25 years!! and only used them a handful of times, so fingers crossed.

Here’s where I get soppy, bearing in mind I’m still detoxing off the codeine. I really appreciate everything that my husband does for me (cringe alert), especially as it’s been such a tough weekend and I love him very much (urgghh).

I would also like to say and get on record, that I won’t mind a bit being interrupted by the AA arriving (much), whilst we are enjoying our Marks and Spencer’s Valentine’s meal for two tonight! (we are so rock and roll and live life on the edge!) Now if that’s not love …?   


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