Garden Design Tips For Homeowners With Limited Outside Space


We’d all love the huge luxury garden at the back of our properties. The thought of a having a summer house, decking area, and swimming pool would be a dream come true. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t an option for most people, especially if you live in a new build. Nonetheless, a small garden is infinitely better than no garden. 


Working with limited space will bring a few unique obstacles. However, these simple tips will enable you to get the most of out of your outside areas. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to work.
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Think about your needs. You are not in a position to waste the space, so planning the possibilities is key. These family activities are all common features for the summer wish list, and a small garden shouldn’t stop you from enjoying those things. Before doing anything, make a prioritized list of what you want the backyard to achieve. This should keep you on track throughout the journey ahead.
Use flowers in a space efficient manner. We all know that plants can be a great way to beautify the area and bring those natural vibes. When space is limited, you may need to get a little more creative. Hanging baskets are the perfect addition to the home, sheds, and other structures. As for flower beds, try to keep them at the perimeters rather than in the central areas. Meanwhile, opting for plants that grow high rather than out will serve you well.
Avoid the big decking area. There’s no doubt that a decking area can be great when you have the space. If you don’t, though, building one can limit your options. If you’re looking to sit in the garden on a regular basis, sturdy Bramblecrest furniture will satisfy those needs. This way, you’ll retain the sense of versatility, which can make a world of difference. Simply move them when not in use, and you’ll still have enough space for games and activities.
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Utilize every area. Does your garden have a little area to the side of the building? If so, stop using it simply as a walkway to the gate. You could use a few garden decorations to give your eyes something fresh to look at. Alternatively, depending on the lighting situation, you could dedicate this area for a grow box. Either way, injecting a sense of purpose into all parts of the garden will bring huge rewards.
Bring the outdoors inside. In many ways, embracing the small garden is all about improving perceptions. Replace the old back door with sliding doors to turn the backyard and internal areas into one. While there is still a clear barrier in place, it will feel like everything is bigger. Moreover, it doubles up your space for parties and family activities too. It’s a slightly more expensive job, but the rewards are truly incredible.
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