Have You Tried These Ways To Boost Your Income?

Lots of people are increasingly feeling fed up in their chosen roles. Wages aren’t rising at all for some. Even if you’re lucky enough to be seeing an increase each year, the cost of living seems to be rising faster. What you need is a boost to your income that is practical and fair. Of course, you’re going to have to work to get it. If the usual hints about pay rises and promotions to your boss aren’t working, then try these ideas to get the boost you need:

Create a portfolio illustrating evidence of your achievements.The softly, softly approach may not be working for you. But the evidence inside your portfolio should give your boss the wake-up call they need. This should be presented in a bound book or folder that carefully illustrates each of your achievements for the company. You should include details of every project you have worked on and add photo’s. If you don’t have a portfolio yet start collating your evidence now. You’ll soon have plenty to put in there.

This portfolio is your big book of proof. It shows the work you do, how you do it, and the results you achieved. It’s best to have this illustrated with photos, tables and charts. Wordy portfolios are often put down before much of the content has been digested. Choose a catchy headline for each of your ‘wins’, and put bottom-line figures in, that highlight the profits you contributed towards. If you’re struggling financially, you can build a strong case for a pay rise almost straight away.
Continuing your professional development through education and training is essential. It doesn’t just push you streets ahead of your colleagues and competitors. It ensures that you have all the up-to-the-minute information on best practice and industry developments. As technology changes, you may need to refresh your knowledge of different apps and equipment. Select new qualifications in useful areas.

If you’re hoping to charm management for a promotion (or a job interview), something like a Training Connection course could be useful for presenting your case and your ideas. Understanding the best way to convey information and engage the people in the room can really help drive your career forward. If you work for yourself, you could be onto a winner for gaining those all-important commercial contracts. Boost your skills to boost your income.
Apply Your Past To Your Future
While training and education can keep you up to speed so you can get ahead, your past could play a part too. Think back to all those hobbies and activities you really loved through your childhood, youth, and pre-family days. Chances are you were pretty good at some of them. This is because you enjoyed doing them. So why not find a way to monetize those passions and interests?
Teaching your old skills to new people can earn you a great hourly rate. You could write a course about it and sell it online. Blogs don’t generate a lot of income straight away, but if your hobby is niche enough, you could soon find a very loyal following. Your past can lead to great 2nd-job opportunities and the potential to boost your income further.

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