Creative Block? Here’s How To Reset Your Creative Muse

When one thinks of inspiration, it is not uncommon to picture a tormented creative soul, wearing a thick pair of glasses and typing on a dusty typewriter, surrounded by an imaginary world that only he or she can see. In truth, while this is naturally a cliché for inspiration, there are plenty of other ways to create an inspiring and motivating space, especially if you are working at home.

Most individuals who embrace an independent career – such as freelancing – also choose a creative activity. Indeed, whether you are a crafter, a freelancer writer, or even a decorator, creativity is at the core of your projects – as you need to create something new, something exciting, something beautiful. But creativity without inspiration is a hard, if not impossible, task. If you’ve ever heard of the challenge that writers face in front of a white page, you need to know that other creative professionals struggle with this inspiration blockage too. It’s time to fight it with an inspiring home office décor! Stay positive and create!

Get The Basics Ready
If you work from home, you are probably aware of the dilemma of the home office. It can be as cute and trendy as you want it to be, combining the latest storage functions with the best designer tips. But, however pretty you make the room, it doesn’t mean that there is room for ideas. As a result, it is natural to keep yourself motivated during the day with powerful thoughts. Hanging a frame on the wall with your favourite quote is a brilliant way to keep the desire to always deliver exceptional work, regardless how dull the project might be.
Use DIY To Reset Your Creativity

Creativity is a multi-sensory process. What this means is that you need to activate multiple parts of your brain to find the solution to one specific problem. In other words, if you are struggling with a particular project, why not take a break and engage your other senses in a different creative process? If you are an enthusiastic artist, you can play music or use paint to connect with your thoughts. If you need a tactile approach, you can use hot glue to rapidly transform everyday items – Glue Guns Direct offers simple tools for beginners if you’re a first-timer. You can, for instance, redecorate a vase into a piece of art by using the glue gun as a pen on it. It may not be your best DIY project, but it will help your brain to remove the creative obstacles. Colouring books are also helpful to reset your creative mind. In other words, make sure that your home office has a drawer full of craft objects – from pencils to craft glue – to reconnect with your creative senses.  
Automatic Writing
If you are an occasional or professional writer, or even a blogger, you  might have heard of automatic writing. However, if your creative force is not related to writing, it’s likely that you’ve never tried this process to discover new ideas. Automatic writing is said to be channelling your subconscious thoughts. To be able to hear your subconscious, you need to meditate, or at least to interrupt the conscious thoughts for the duration of the experience. Some people prefer to blindfold themselves as they do, so that they can focus fully. It is said that this is your creative mind speaking directly. In truth, it is a deeper level of consciousness, that you will find very helpful to discover new creative ideas and directions.
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