Interior Design: How To Live Somewhere You Love

It’s not easy to live somewhere you love. Even if the location is perfect, keeping a home well-maintained, clean, and tidy is an impossible job; eventually, that magnificent glow which may have been present when you first moved into the property is going to slowly fade away. Things get in the way, and your family starts to grow; kids who are finding their way in the world might make a mess of the house whilst they do so. Whilst you love your family, of course, you also want them to love where they live. Here are some interior and exterior design tips which might help you achieve that goal.

Improve the kitchen.
The kitchen is arguably the centrepiece of any home. If you’re looking for a room in which to start when it comes to giving your family abode a huge makeover then completely overhauling the appearance of your kitchen is certainly the place to begin. You don’t need to completely replace it, of course. Start by cleaning and tidying up; that means a deep clean. Get rid of the old cutlery, glasses, and other things that you don’t need.
Once the place is cleared out, you’re ready for a paint job; give the cabinets and perhaps even the walls a fresh lick of paint. A bright or neutral shade of white should work the trick. If the place doesn’t look better afterwards then you could perhaps opt for new appliances or cupboards to help lift and refresh the appearance of the room. It all depends on your gut feeling.
Dehumidify your home.
This might seem like an oddly specific suggestion, but it’s one that you should certainly take on board. Your home needs a dehumidifier if it doesn’t already have one. If you can relate to the problems of dampness and mould on the bathroom walls or perhaps even the kitchen then you should be working towards dehumidifying your home. It’s also a great way to dry clothes more quickly, which is a problem you probably need to fix if you have a huge family with people who all need their washing completed every few days.
Don’t undervalue the importance of your bedroom.
When it comes to personal comfort, every member of the family likely turns to their bedroom at the end of the day in order to unwind and eventually rest. You should be trying to create the most comfortable and inviting bedrooms possible so that everybody feels at home wherever they may be sleeping. This space needs to be cosy, so you could look into brands such as Richard Haworth for new bed linen and other fresh fabrics. The point is that you shouldn’t neglect your bedroom when it comes to maintenance. That ten-year old mattress really needs to go, as you should be renewing things such as this every few years or so for the sake of your comfort.
Improve the lighting during both day and night.
You might not fully appreciate the importance of lighting within the home, but it has a huge effect on the appearance of your humble abode and also the mood of everybody living within that humble abode. If you want to love where you live then you should be striving to brighten up this homely space through whatever means possible. Natural lighting is your greatest friend when it comes to brightening your home during the day, and you need to be utilising it wherever you can. Windows shouldn’t be concealed but thick curtains, as this blocks out all that much-needed light; you could instead opt for tinted glass so as to allow natural light into your home but not too much. Other techniques involve painting the walls with a fresh coat of white paint, in order to reflect light, and using mirrors for the same purpose. At night, you should be opting for artificial lighting with a soft glow but also energy-efficient lighting which saves money as well as the planet.
Add a little nature.
Nature can have an interesting effect inside the home, as there’s something refreshing about outdoor elements in a controlled, manmade environment. Improving the aesthetic of your home with some colourful and vibrant plants could really make a difference to the way you and your family feel around the house. You could use them as a focal point within certain rooms of the house. The living room may look modern and clean but be lacking in character, so an exotic plant in the centre or one corner of the room may add that extra little spark you’ve been looking for. Plants can also be grown over outdoor imperfections, such as peeling paintwork or discoloured brickwork. The vibrant colours of nature can distract our attention, and you should be utilising that.
Improve the garden.
Continuing on from the previous point, nature can play a huge part in the appearance and general feeling induced by a home. The exterior of your property is just as important as the interior when it comes to achieving this effect, and you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of your garden. The front of your property makes a huge impression as you approach your house after a long day at work or when your kids slump home from school, but the back garden can also be a place of retreat for the family.
How to achieve this? Well, you should focus on creature comforts. Your garden might be a more inviting space if you create an enticing patio area complete with cushioned chairs, a dining table, and perhaps even a protective gazebo. This should be a place that your family wants to use on warm summer nights to eat food and relax. A home needs to be a place to make memories, and, as soon as you improve the “cosy” factor of your abode, you and the rest of your family will turn the place you live into somewhere you love just by letting life happen.
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