DIY Design: How Frugal Can Be Fantastic  


Being cheap may come with a slight stigma attached, but being frugal is fantastic. Nowadays people are impressed by money-savvy techniques, especially when it comes to interior design. It shows creativity and flair and a level of realness that was once glossed over. Being thrifty is considered to be a fashionable trend, using reclaimed items provides a style-statement like no other and being a DIY interior designer will see your eye for detail become celebrated amongst friends. Yes, it is a brave new world out there.
So, instead of letting that tight budget of yours put a stop to your home-improvement hopes, go all frugal and creative with your ideas. If nothing else, it will be a lot of fun.


We’re Going On A Bargain Hunt

There are a plethora of places to land yourself a bargain these days, none of which you should turn your nose up at. The British Heart Foundation has some of the best furniture stores on the high street, flea markets are the number one place for finding unique pieces, while auction houses and online sites can see you find something you never knew you wanted. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family who are going through their own home improvements, either. You never know what they may be throwing out. Another place to stop off on your train journey to bargain-ville is; a wonderful town indeed. It is just a matter of knowing where to look and going heading there with a completely open mind.


Because Baby You’re A Firework

When it comes to making your frugality go the extra-mile, it is all about statement pieces. These are the things that can have an instant impact on a room. What’s more, they can be huge things or tiny little details you didn’t realize anyone would notice. We’re talking about gorgeous custom-made curtains using that fabric you found on, the drapes puddling on the floor. We’re talking about wallpapering just one wall, creating a statement wall while also saving money. Upgrade your doorknobs and handles to something a little more elegant. Invest in two pieces of standout furniture; a velvet teal sofa and a patchwork armchair with a high back. All of these things will have the same impact as a new year’s eve fireworks display.


Painting Is Silent Poetry

You’ll be amazed how far a tester pot can go when you apply to the right places. They offer a chance for you to update those worn down kitchen chairs you found in a charity shop for £3 a piece, a quick lick of bright green adding a new dimension to your kitchen. Or perhaps you have a table in your living room that is lacking a bit of oomph; something you can address by painting the legs an accent colour. This will certainly make the other parts of your room pop. All you need is a bit of sandpaper and, voila, you are ready to start creating power pieces out of absolutely nothing. If sanding isn’t your thing, though, then see if you can get your hands on some chalk paint, which can be applied without any need for prepping. Beauty in no time at all.
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