Transform Your Dining Room in 3 Simple Steps  


Our dining rooms are such a multifaceted room in our homes. They can be the quiet place that our children choose to do their homework. They are the place where we entertain and enjoy time with our friends and they are the place where we take the time to find out about each other’s day. Therefore it is really important that we invest time in ensuring this space is as welcoming and as comfortable as it can be. We know it can seem like a big job to transform slightly drab looking dining rooms, but it really doesn’t need to be. So read on for our tips on how to transform your dining room in just three simple steps.

New Cushions
When we eat, talk, entertain or simply unwind after a long day, one of the most important things is comfort. We are never going to want to spend more time than we need in a space that is not comfortable and inviting. Therefore if your dining seats are a little hard or your cushions are a little old and flat then just simply buying or making some new cushions could be all that this room needs to feel a little cosier. You can even make your own custom made cushions with specially measured and cut foam and then buy new cushion covers or even, again, if you are a little handy with a sewing needle, make your own. This is such a simple job to take on and will make a big different to how welcoming and comfortable your dining room can be.

Decorate to Impress
If you do a lot of entertaining in your dining room then why not treat yourself to some new dining room textiles? Dining room tables are really easy to constantly reinvent as it only takes a few tweaks here and there to have them looking completely different. You can take a seasonal approach to how you present your dining room table. From fresh summer flowers in the summer, to rustic pine cones and autumn leaves in the autumn, through to silver, stylish winter decorations for the festive season. Dining rooms are such a fun room to theme as you can afford to be as playful as you want as nothing need to be permanent, meaning you can really go to town and unleash your creative side.

Mood Lighting
If you have a young family that likes to use the dining room as a quiet room for studying and school projects then you will want to take a multifaceted approach to the lighting in your dining room. You will want bright lighting for any studying that your children like to do in this area, but you will also want to make sure that you have suitably low, relaxing and mood lighting for the evening for when it’s time for you to either relax or entertain. Lamps are a great addition to dining rooms as they allow you to play with the level of lighting you feel like on a particular night. Candles are also an essential dining room feature when it comes to making this space really relaxing, soothing and a room that you really enjoy spending time in.
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