The Old House Survival Guide

So, at last, you’ve given in and decided to buy an old house. Congratulations! Old houses are always said to be more charming as a result of their historical package. Whether you pick black beams and white washed walls or a Georgian manor house, you already know that it was a house that was built to last – the same cannot always be said about new builds estates which are designed with wafer thin walls. There’s something else that comes with old houses, though. It’s aging material. Even though these houses were built more solidly that some are now, their structure is over hundred of years. With some houses on the real estate market that were built under Elizabeth I, it’s not difficult to picture the damages of time. In other words, when you pick an old house,  you buy the historical touch and the structural problems. That’s something that you need to be ready to embrace as a homeowner. Therefore, we’ve compiled a short survival guide to help you prepare for this peculiar home ownership.

Know What To Expect
Yes, an old house means problems. But as long as you are aware of the potential risks of an old building, you can deal with these with a relaxed mind. One of the first questions you need to ask when you are in the process of buying an old house is whether you will be the owner. It might sound like a silly statement, but some old buildings are only available as a leasehold, which means that you don’t actually buy the property, but the leasehold instead if the building is part of a large estate. Old buildings were built using different materials. And it’s likely that they have been repaired throughout the years using what was available at the time. In other words, your old house might be full of contaminants such as asbestos, for example. Make sure to run a survey on the house before you move in.
Plan Home Improvement Projects
There is no denying that old houses mean home improvement projects. Whether you are looking to renovate the electric system or to install modern plumbing in your bathroom, you will inevitably need to invest time and money in your home. Most homeowners find it easier to plan the biggest projects before they move into the home, even if it means renting a place for a couple of months and keeping your belongings in a storage facility – if you’re looking for a quick and easy process, try services like Pink self storage that offer quick online registration and 24 hours access. There’s no reason to feel nervous about storage containers: They are safe, and they allow you to keep your furniture ready until you can move in properly. 

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Keep An Eye For Details
Old house means vintage décor. It’s something that can totally rock an old building if it’s done with an eye for details. For instance, you can choose to use vintage trays in the kitchen, to tone down the shiny stainless hob and oven unit. Keep your vintage collection eclectic and fun: it brings a realistic touch to the décor. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can even shine a vintage light onto new furniture using a distressed painting method – this works really well with chalk paint.  
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