Kick Out The Clutter And Convert Your Garage Into A Home Office  

Most of us use garages, basements, lofts and sheds to store old junk we know we probably won’t use again. These days space is short, so why not take a weekend to have a big clear-out? Kicking out all that clutter means you can organise your storage space more efficiently. You might even make some money by selling those unwanted items. Of course, if you have an integral garage, you could make even more money by converting that space for your home business.
Home Business
A home office is essential if you want to take your work-from-home life seriously. It’s a place where you can shut yourself away and concentrate without the usual hustle and bustle of home life. It also means you can separate those two aspects of your life. It is thought that this can help to reduce stress and help you to schedule your working day more efficiently. So what do you need to do to convert that garage space?
You could hire a skip to fill or take a camera in there and photo everything you want to put online to sell. Clearing the space is the first job. Now you need to make a decision. Integral garages are often fully insulated and ready to use as a workspace. If you’re not sure, have a chat with your local authority about what is needed to make it safe and suitable for that purpose.

Office Space
Next, you should give it a lick of paint. Insulating foam boards can easily be screwed onto the walls if you prefer, but you should consider the decor. You want something inspiring in there! The flooring should be repaired and covered too. Visit places like the Hanham Flooring Centre to see what is suitable. You might want to consider a good underlay once your concrete floor is up to standard. Then you can choose vinyl tiles or even a comfortable carpet.
Now you can think about the furniture and where you would like to place it. If you don’t think you have enough power sockets in the garage, consider calling an electrician to install more. You might want some domestic or office style wall lights installed too. Add some wall art and a contemporary office chair. You’re ready to go!

Entertaining Clients
If you do need to add formal fire doors and double-glazed windows, ask your builder to handle any planning or building regulations paperwork for you. These things are especially important if you’re likely to have customers or clients stop by your office. If you’re turning this space into a home salon or healthy lifestyle centre, you might need the space certificated as appropriate for use. In the least, you might consider a wash basin.
Any conversion takes time plus a little investment. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth doing. One of the best ways to look at it is to consider the added value to your home. Then you can add the extra income this space will facilitate. No doubt you’ll see it’s worth every penny. What would you do with your integral garage conversion?
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