Small House, No Problem: Tips For Homeowners With Limited Space

In today’s climate of high prices, most homeowners settle for properties that are slightly smaller than they’d ideally like. Whilst this can be soul-destroying, it doesn’t have to stand in the way of your dreams. With a little creative thinking, you can still achieve those goals. And it starts with acknowledging that space is an issue.
Here are 10 simple tricks to overcome the bulk of those problems. Embrace them today, and you should see positive results in no time.
#.1 Make Every Room Count   
When space is limited throughout the property as a whole, you simply cannot afford to let any of it go to waste. As such, the very first item on the agenda is to ensure that every room has a function.
Saving a guest room specifically for when family stay over during the holidays is simply ridiculous. The space could be used for so much more. Whether it becomes a games room, an office, or something else isn’t overly important. Anything is better than its current state.
Besides, you can always get a sofa bed or let guests stay in your room while you have the living room floor.
#2. Avoid Overcrowding  
Making every room count is a great starting point. Then again, it’s equally vital that they are coupled with positive steps in individual rooms. If you’re working with a smaller than ideal area, the first step is to avoid cramped vibes.
We are all guilty of hoarding unnecessary items. Selling those at a garage sale could generate funds for your future upgrades. These simple tricks towards creating a happy minimalistic atmosphere will put you on the road to greater success. Apart from anything else, it’ll make things easier to clean, which is another great way to encourage a positive relationship.
As long as the home doesn’t feel unnecessarily cluttered, you’ll be sure to enjoy it regardless of the limited dimensions.
#3. Use Light Effectively  
When it comes to interior design for small spaces, good lighting is your best friend. The whole place will feel brighter, bigger, and ultimately better when you get this element right. Given how easy success in this field is achieved, you’d be a fool to overlook it.
First and foremost, you should ensure that windows are dressed in an appropriate fashion to encourage natural light. If privacy is an issue, window films will fix the problem. Take things one step further with luxury Denelli Italia lighting fixtures, and the entire atmosphere will be enhanced.
Colour schemes influence settings too. A few paints of coat could truly transform the way you respond to those spaces forever. It’s quick, cheap, and one of the most effective upgrades imaginable.   
#4. Use Mirrors    
If you truly want to embrace the idea of tricking the eyes into thinking there is more space, you should look at the prospect of utilizing mirrors. They’re a simple addition but, when positioned in a strategic manner, their impact can be huge.
Mirrors are a great tool for reflecting light and open spaces. As well as placing them on the walls, though, you could look at replacing wardrobe doors with mirrors to gain an even greater sense of space. The physical dimensions of the room won’t change, but the perception will be vastly different.
If you want an even bigger impact, knocking a wall down to turn two rooms into one is a fantastic option. Then again, it is a massive commitment that needs careful consideration.     

#5. Choose Suitable Furniture  
Furniture choices will inevitably play a huge role in the way a room looks. Firstly, you should opt for items that save floor space. Trading the TV unit for a wall mount is a great example of what can be achieved, and there are many others that can bring similar results.
Rather than investing in the big bulky table that consumes the room, you could buy an extendable one. That way, you can reduce it’s size when it’s not in use, clawing back valuable space. Meanwhile, an ottoman with storage space is always better than one without.
Those individual design choices may feel a little insignificant. Cumulatively, though, they will transform the way you feel about individual rooms and the home as a whole.

#6.  Think About Your Needs  
As already stated, the worst thing you could possibly do is start wasting space. Unfortunately, many homeowners fall into the trap of trying to design a home that they think is right in the current market. Ultimately, the most important thing is that you actively like it.
Above all else, the home should be comfortable. If the home could do with having a second bathroom, you should think about investing in it. Even if it does mean losing space elsewhere, knowing that the property is built to satisfy your needs is crucial.
It’s important to keep mid to long-term needs in mind also. If siblings are sharing a bedroom, for example, the bedding arrangements need to be suitable for a few years.
#7. Go Portable  
Saving space is the name of the game, and saving floor space is certainly top of the agenda.  One of the best ways to do this is to avoid the need for certain pieces of furniture. To do this, you must first think about the items that are used alongside them.
The previously mentioned TV setup is a great starting point. Meanwhile, trading a desktop computer for a laptop can be equally beneficial in the bid to make rooms work harder. On a similar note, trading bulky outdated music players for Bluetooth wall speakers can save space. Better still, it can make the home feel futuristic.
If it increases the enjoyment and space while keeping things on trend, it can only be good news for the family.
#8. Appreciate The Garden  
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A happy home doesn’t start and end with the four walls. As such, you must pay attention to the external areas too. Otherwise, you’ll be missing out on a huge opportunity. Frankly, a great garden will give the entire property a new sense of purpose.   
The garden doesn’t need to be huge to be great. A simple decking area supported by New Lawn artificial grass and a few flower beds will provide purpose and beauty. Meanwhile, you can inject an extra sense of function by growing vegetables or starting a compost.
The garden can be a great place for tranquillity in the evenings as well as family fun on long afternoons. It can even become a venue for hosting parties and small gatherings. Make the most of it, and the home will instantly feel better.   
#9. Consider Placements  
Investing in the right facilities and products is one thing. In truth, though, this signals just half of the battle. How you use them is the truly crucial factor, and you must not underestimate this for a second.
Blocking radiators and other key features isn’t a good idea, but cutting off the room by placing furniture in the middle of the room can eat at the space too. This isn’t a problem if the space is particularly large. When the area is limited, however, it can be quite damaging.   
Depending on the shape of the room, you may wish to use corner sofas to your advantage too. Whatever you do, smarter placements will bring the home to life.
#10. Remove Dangers
Nothing makes the home feel smaller than knowing some areas are out of bounds. It’s very tempting to keep putting minor issues off until tomorrow. Sadly, doing this will increase the eventual repair costs as well as disrupt your happiness throughout the home.
Those issues can range from dampness to electrical faults and everything in between. Some jobs are best left to the experts while some can be completed by you. Either way, a quick reaction is essential. The longer you leave it, the worse the impacts will be.
Apart from anything else, a safe home is a happy home. For the sake of your sanity as well as your financial assets, getting this right is key.
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