Making Your Home Way More Kid-Friendly


A lot of new parents don’t realize  that there is a big difference between baby-proofing your lovely home and making it more child-friendly. The former is all about being sensible and getting down on your hands and knees and being aware of exactly what dangers your home poses to a child. It is important, but it isn’t exactly fun. That is where the child-friendly thing is totally different.
The child-friendly thing is about mixing practicality and fashion and fun to create the ultimate space where all of you can hang out, together. That’s the key to living somewhere you all love. It’s also the reason why we have come up with a few creative ways to make a home that your kids adore exploring and you can navigate too. Enjoy.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

There is so much choice when it comes to children’s furniture these days, and most of it is amazing and wacky! That means it can be a little hard to choose just a couple of bits, like choosing a main and a starter from a menu that is packed full of mouth-watering options. Seating and storage are the two things you can never have too much of. A window seat with storage beneath and up the sides would be ideal. Of course, these can be a little expensive, so what you could do is just buy three bookcases; lay one flat as a seat and put two up either side. Voila.
Silly But Sensible
As you’ll learn from your kids as their imaginations start to blossom, life is so much better when you don’t take it too seriously. That’s why you should embrace being a little bit silly with your home. Paint your kitchen door with a bright jungle scene for example, but make it a little more practical by adding an ironmongery kick plate; after all, new parents always have their hands full. It could be you go with some funky wallpaper instead, wallpaper that has the alphabet on it to help them learn, or some amazing artwork that has nursery rhymes. Try and add at least one slightly silly element to each room. Kids will love your home that much more if you do.
Designated Play Space
Relaxing as a parent is rare. You’ll also come to realize that you can’t relax without having eyes on your children and that them being quiet is not a comforting feeling! That is why it is worth setting up a little play space in the rooms you tend to relax in. Let’s say the sitting room. Instead of your rugrats taking over the whole space, you can keep the majority of it pristine by having a corner where your kids can play with their toys and have fun with some games and do what kids do, while you can keep an eye over them. Just make sure there is some storage space nearby to make tidying up a doddle.
Adapt To Their Height
You are going to spend the majority of your life tidying up after your children. You’ll chase them about and pick up their dumped things and hang them up and everything else that you can imagine. So, to make your life a little easier, make it possible for them to help you out. Add some towel hooks that they can reach so that they can hang up their towels. Add little steps to the wardrobe so that they can reach their own clothes. Have storage on the floor so that they can reach to put things away when you ask. It’ll make life so much easier, trust us.
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