The Perfect Winter Holiday For Your Family – Where To Go & What To Do

Winter holidays are always a tough sell, especially if it’s your family’s first. Often people who attend winter holidays fall in love with them and can’t wait until they get the chance to experience another – but sometimes, just sometimes, your family might be a little bit apprehensive. If you hail from a relatively cold country in the first place, surely your annual leave should be spent sipping  a drink in front of a pool in 35 degree Celsius weather? You couldn’t blame the family member that suggested this.

Unfortunately, continuing like this with every family holiday can rob you of experiencing some amazing locations with incredible landscapes. Places like Canada for example. Let’s say you manage to convince your family members. You’ve updated your passports, you’ve bought your winter coats, and you’ve researched the ETA information for safe passage into Canada. What now? What constitutes a ‘winter holiday?’
Well, here are a few suggestions.

Snowboarding and Skiing
Snowboarding and skiing make for two fantastic winter activities that can be experienced by children of all ages (as long as they are old enough to walk and climb ) There are many indoor winter sports zones entirely designed to help children get to grips with the finer points of snowboarding or skiing. In the downtime, you and your partner might like to use the training to attack one of the beginner slopes on the Canadian mountains.

Ice Hotel
Quebec, Canada has an Ice Hotel. You read that right. The hotel is incredible to witness and offers one of the most memorable, magical architectural experiences in the world, and yes that does include the Disneyland fairy-tale castle. The hotel is designed like a cathedral, entirely from ice, and even the inner decorations such as the candelabras are frozen.
Quebec Ice Hotel opens annually from January to the beginning of April, and the time it is closed is purely dedicated to re carving and reassessing the structure of the building. It is truly a wonder to see, and deserves your families full attention. Yes, you can also stay overnight, but it might take a few parka coats to endure it!

Canadian Rockies Winter Rail Adventure
The Canadian Rockies are well-known, as some of the most beautiful mountain ranges possible to see. Rocky Mountaineer allows you and your family to see the entire stretch of mountains with beautiful leisurely winter train transports that can take you from Vancouver to Calgary and all of the surrounding lakes. The train often stops along your journey and is frequent enough for you to disembark, spend a couple of days in a location and then re board the train from the station. It’s worth a visit.
These three Canadian winter holiday locations will convince your family that winter holidays are amazing! You’ll be sure to return.
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