3 Reasons the Moses Basket is Making a Come Back


With so many other options available out there it is easy to get confused about what is the best sleeping and transportation units for our babies. With so many modern and funky designs out there for baby transporters and sleep units, there is no wonder that the more traditional and low key moses basket seemed to have fallen off the radar a little. However the last few years have seen the moses basket make a bit of a comeback due to the benefits that they bring to both baby and parents. Here are the reasons that the original sleeping and transport unit combination is back and we look into if it makes sense to use the moses basket, as the all singing all dancing baby sleeping and transportation unit.

Solid Sleep Routine
The traditional moses basket is one of the most lightweight units out there which makes transporting your baby really easy. Due to the structure of how they are made they are also really sturdy and safe. Little cribs are essential of course, however transferring baby from crib to carry units is not an ideal routine to get into. Moses baskets however allow babies to be transported from room to room really easily allowing your baby to drift in and out of sleep without their sleep patterns being disturbed.

Space Saver
We all know that the tiniest of people take up the most enormous amount of space. When it comes to all the equipment that we need to properly look after our babies it is easy to see even the largest and most spacious of houses disappear behind all our baby stuff. Traditional moses baskets however take up less space than having a crib and a separate co-sleeper unit, so that is definitely a big benefit. With such a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles on the market there is sure to be one that will fit into the style of your home and your nursery. As the baskets can be used for transporting your baby around the house in the day and then can just be popped on top of its stand during the evening, it is a super easy and space saving option.

Safe Baby Sleep
Most moses baskets are not suitable for outdoor use, in case the weather outside is wet or cold, so they do have certain limitations. They do, however, offer parents a really safe option when it comes to the safety of your baby’s sleep inside the house. If you are looking for a moses basket, make sure when you are shopping around for a moses basket that has been certified by the British Safety Standards and includes a comfortable foam mattress with a practical wipe-clean PEVA cover.

Weighing It Up
We can definitely see the benefits of owning a moses basket for keeping babies and parents happy in the house. So whilst we can understand the revival of the moses basket, it does have its limitations when it comes to spending time outside the house. Therefore parents do need to be looking at the other carrying and sleeping combinations for transporting babies in the outside world. 
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