Epic Diet Fail This Week!

From my previous posts you may be aware that I have been attempting to eat more healthily and frugally. It was an epic diet fail this week on both fronts! Last Saturday – I went to visit my uncle who isn’t very well and bought fish and chips for lunch. I totally forgot that I had a takeaway evening planned that night with my friends! So Saturday evening I ate (or participated in eating) a Chinese banquet for 5!? Sunday was a lovely meal at my brothers, followed by salted caramel profiteroles.


I then went on holiday to Filey and had another Chinese banquet for 5 on Wednesday night, followed by Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, I feel sick thinking about it! Combined with the usual crisps, chocolate and alcohol eaten on holiday it was a recipe for disaster both on the health front and money front!


I returned on Friday craving veg and plain food, so had a couple of healthy meals. Saturday night however I ate yet another Chinese banquet (for 2 this time)!


My husband thinks my consumption of Chinese banquets is beginning to resemble a football fixture list – Saturday, Wednesday and Saturday!
I dread to think how much I’ve spent or how many calories I’ve eaten. I’m pretty sure that making sandcastles on the beach won’t have counteracted it!
Luckily I’ve been offered the opportunity to review the Diet Plate and also a 30 day sugar detox programme. I just need to decide when’s the best time to start!
Talking about the best time to start a diet plan throws up the question of do you eat more when you’re stressed? I think I do.
The amazing weather means that we have planned a lot of BBQ’s, Clare Brown who blogs at Freddies Mummy has some excellent tips for making  a BBQ super healthy!
A couple of stressful moments this week have been that the car pouring out blue smoke is going to cost £900 yes £900 to fix! Something to do with the turbo burning out.
Another stressful moment was that last night my teenage son went to a party and didn’t return home until 4.30am! He was apparently looking after an ill friend, however I’m yet to quiz him on that, as he’s not emerged from his room yet. Consequently my husband and I are suffering from a lack of sleep today and my son will be suffering from a lack of a PS4 when he wakes up, as it is now confiscated!
Roll on next week 🙂



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