Get The House Organised Before The Kids Go Back To School

At this time of year, a lot of parents are starting to get in a panic about all the back-to-school shopping they need to do. There are uniforms to buy, stationery and other school supplies too. The trouble is, there is no space in the house to put all these extra bits and bobs if you haven’t got the place organised first.
Start by considering your storage options. There might be a couple of shelves left in a cupboard somewhere in the house. Of course, most families struggle with any space at all in the home. Now could be a good time to start using your outside space too. You might need something like an Armstrong Steel mini storage structure to keep all the things that you won’t need for a while, especially as the season changes. This frees up a lot of space in the house for your next big shopping expedition.
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If you have space in your garden, you might be able to build an entire garage. It also spares you the rental fees of using big storage companies. This isn’t a project that homeowners like to take on these days, though. Access is often a big problem for many properties in built up areas too. You might prefer to buy a garage in a block nearby. Security varies wildly with these things though. This is why a mini storage cupboard in your garden might be the best option if you live in the city.

It might be a good idea to pull out all the things you intend to replace first. Old uniform can be gifted to the school. They often sell them on to raise money for supplies and facilities through the PTA. Old pens, pencils, notebooks and reading books may also be gifted to the local community. Doctor’s offices, community centres, and even child carers can often make good use of these things.
Shoes often get stuffed in places and forgotten about for years. If you’re done with all the hand-me-downs, it’s worth considering if there might be a few miles left in the soles here too. Some kerbside collections take old shoes, regardless of the condition they’re in. Alternatively, head to your local supermarket. Most of them have big recycling bins for things like this.

Are your kids finished with some of their toys and sports equipment? You have a few choices with these. Any that are in good condition could be sold online or through your local classifieds ads. Those that still have some life in them but appear a little scuffed up could still be useful for someone. Speak to your school, or try a table top sale. That way the items can be viewed in person before there is a commitment to buy.
Get Organised!
The morning routine is about to become a daily rush again when the kids go back to school. Get the bathrooms organised with fresh bottles of shower gel and new towels. Perhaps you need to buy the kids their own alarm clocks now? Arrange your cereal cupboard so everyone can reach what they need quickly and easily. Are you ready?
No, and probably need to take heed of some of these tips!
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