Household Spider Catcher Review From Brainstorm

I have developed a bit of a fear of spiders, not sure if it’s a full blown phobia, but put it this way, if it’s anything bigger than a 10 pence piece, black and hairy my legs turn to jelly! It all stems from about 3 years ago, I picked up a damp towel from the landing (helpfully left there by one of the kids!) and felt something land on my chest. Looking down I saw the biggest, blackest, hairiest spider ever looking up at me! I screamed and whacked it off my chest onto the floor and it scurried  very fast down the stairs. Even writing about it makes me feel a bit shaky. Of course the rest of the family thought it was hilarious. Last September I was at book group when a spider innocently happened to amble onto my knee, the rest of the group were a little surprised when I suddenly sprang up from the table, hitting my legs and running to the other side of the room. Luckily I managed to curb the scream!

A pretend spider for the mildly phobic – like myself!

We are heading towards spider season again,so it will soon be time for the male spiders to start running around looking for females. Our central heating is usually turned on at the end of September which makes a lovely warm environment for spider mating to occur! As respite to the warm dry atmosphere spiders love to find damp laces to rest hence the attractiveness of damp towels!
Of course spiders are very useful little (sometimes huge) creatures, in that they eat pesky flies and other annoying little insects. I was always told to “never kill a spider as it’s bad luck!” as a child and I still stick to this rule. For this reason I jumped at the chance to review a Household Spider Catcher from Brainstorm, which is ideal for removing household spiders and insects. It’s patented design easily removes spiders and other insects without harming them. It also enables you to reach ceilings and corners, whilst keeping yourself at a comfortable distance.

To work the spider catcher you squeeze the handle to open the bristles , place the opened bristles over the spider and release the handle. the bristles gently encase the spider allowing you to carry it outside and release unharmed. whether the spider will thank you for this, I’m not sure! However it has got to be a better option than being squished or washed down the plug hole. Then the spider will spend a few days or hours getting back into your house, for the whole process to be repeated again! Everyone happy.

This is probably the most useful item I have reviewed up to date. If I have any criticism, it is that it’s not portable enough to take to book group and it also doesn’t prevent my children from dropping wet towels on the floor! 🙂

*for the purpose of this review I received a Spider Catcher from Brainstorm. All thoughts and opinions are my own

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