5 Reasons Winter Holidays Are Better Than Summer Holidays

Everyone loves summer holidays. Summer holidays, after all, are the one time of the year when all your worries can be put to one side and you just focus on enjoying yourself. You and the family, sitting on a beach, going for a dip in the pool – it’s perfection, isn’t it?
While everyone loves the summer, winter holidays are less popular. That’s a shame, as a winter holiday to a cold, snowy destination has many benefits that can make them more enjoyable than a conventional summer break. If you’re not convinced that’s possible, then read on.
1. Different Destinations


When it comes to summer holidays, the destinations all have a tendency to sound much the same: the Canary Islands, the Greek islands, mainland Europe – it’s all very same old, same old. Winter holidays, however, are very different and can take you to a variety of different places. There’s plenty of choice for family snow holiday destinations to unique countries like Finland, Sweden, and Norway; guaranteeing to give variety to your holiday snaps, rather than an endless plethora of sunsets over the beach!

2. It’s Easier To Warm Up Than To Cool Down
Summer holidays come with the promise of sun, but at times, that sun can be a pain. You wake up at 6am and it’s already roasting warm; and it’s notoriously difficult to keep yourself cool. There’s no such concern with a winter holiday; you can wrap yourself in layers or warm up by the fire, sipping on a mug of cocoa, delighting in the snow falling outside.

3. Fewer Tourists
Though winter holidays are popular, they undoubtedly fall behind the summer in terms of popularity. That means that it’s easier to visit tourist sites without having to worry about height of season crowds. If you’ve ever fancied visiting historic landmarks such as the Parthenon in Greece or the Little Mermaid statue in Denmark, then the winter is a great time to go – you’ll have more chance of being able to see what you want to experience.

4. Fun Activities


A summer holiday is always going to be restrained by the heat you have to deal with. For example, you have to avoid the midday sun and ensure everyone is covered in sunscreen if you step outdoors. A winter holiday is blissfully devoid of those issues, meaning you can spend your days having playful, active fun with the kids rather than zoning out on a sun lounger. Snowboarding, skiing, sled rides – active, exciting, and only possible if you’re travelling to a place where there’s snow on the ground.

5. It’s Cheaper
While winter holidays have their benefits, again, they are not as popular as holidays in the summer – meaning it’s easier to snap up a good deal. Most families will find that it’s comparatively cheaper to travel in the winter, even if you’re constrained to the school holidays for when you can travel.
Tempted? Perhaps this winter could be the start of a whole new holiday experience for your family!
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