Facts! One For Every Day Of The Year Children’s Book Review #AD

Books are a fantastic gift for children of all ages (and adults!). With Christmas on the horizon it’s an excellent time to research the perfect book for your child. My twins (aged six) and I were thrilled to be chosen to review Facts! One For Every Day Of The Year by Tracey Turner to review. It is fast becoming the book of choice at bedtime. 

As a child I was an avid reader and there are certain books that I owned that became so important to me that I still have them now. I have a fairy tale cookbook which is a large hardback and beautifully illustrated. The book was written by a visually impaired man, who lived next door to my grandma and I spent hours as a child creating the recipes that Cinderella would make or the three bears. I have an obscure book called gardening with Lucy, which is my absolute favourite and I love reading it to my girls now.
Beautiful books create memories, comfort and teach, something that would be hard to achieve from a Kindle or online version. Of course there is a place in our life for technology and I do download a lot of books that we read at book group. There is still something magical however, about  a new book in the physical sense. The weight of the book in your hands, the feel of the cover and pages and the anticipation of turning each page. The smell of a new book is evocative, as is the scent of an old, well loved book.
My girls and I were thrilled to receive the new book written by Tracey Turner called Facts! One for everyday of the year to review. The book is hard back and beautifully illustrated by Fatti Burke. It is published by Bloomsbury. On opening the book we immediately flicked to the fact relating to the birthdays of family members. The girls were born on the 25th May and they were fascinated to learn that the cheetah is the fastest animal on land. They learnt how many kilometres per hour they can run and how the cheetah can cover 7 meters in a single bound! I liked that the facts are short and concise, they opened up discussion about the cat family in general and how a cheetah differs from our own
cat, Lucy.

My birthday is 29th November, so we learnt all about the planet Jupiter. The girls topic at school last term was space, so it was lovely to hear them chatting to me all about the solar system. I was amazed at what they knew!

The other members of the families birthdays covered money through time, April fools day (yes, my husband is an April fool!) and where the word atom originates. The subjects are certainly diverse!
We then looked at the fact for Christmas Day – did you know that to say “Happy Christmas”  in Hawaiian it’s “Mele Kalikimaka”, I can now tell you how to say Happy Christmas in 20 different languages – with the books help of course!

I read to my girls most evenings before bed, I’m planning on reading one fact a day after we’ve finished their story books. The books arrival has also coordinated well with going back to school fun!

I think this book would make a lovely gift for birthdays and Christmas. The book is aimed at children aged 4-8 years, but I think children and (adults) of all ages will enjoy the fun and interesting facts for every day of the year. A great gifting idea for parents and grandparents.
I would definitely recommend this book and I’m sure it will remain a favourite for many years to come.
*This is a collaborative post. For the purpose of this review I also received a copy of Facts! One for every day of the year. All words and opinions are my own. #ad

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