Midweek Pamper Session

Sometimes we all need a good dose of ‘me time’, whether that be spending the afternoon tending to your garden in the sun, reading your favourite book on the sofa with a glass of wine, or having a little pamper session. It’s so important to make time for ourselves every so often, not just for our health, but also our mental state. If you have a bit of time on your hands today, here are some ways you could make the most of your time alone.
Meditation Or Yoga
When people think of meditation and yoga, they often think about gurus in India and monks in Tibet. These are ancient practices which serve to close off any busy thoughts from your mind and draw your focus inwards. Yoga gives you strength and flexibility, teaching you how to move your body and tune your muscles as you practice a meditative state of mind. Whereas meditation itself is a great relaxation technique at the end of a busy day, or even a great way to clear your mind at the beginning of the day. If you have never tried either of these before, maybe you should take some time this week to try.
A Relaxing Bath
If your bathroom isn’t quite up to scratch to offer that spa experience, don’t worry. You can easily change your bathroom tap fittings, add some candles and set the scene for a relaxing evening bath. Bring your favourite book or listen to music as you soak in warm water and let your muscles relax and heal. You could even add in some Epsom Salts to really get to work on healing up sore and tense muscles.
Our skin is the first thing we see each day, and it is also what can be a tell-tale sign into our health. Bad habits such as eating junk food and drinking a lot of alcohol can cause our skin to breakout into  spots which can damage our confidence. Try and make some time each week to apply a charcoal face mask to your skin to clear out any oils and toxins, while cleansing your skin and leaving it healthy and glowing. Once you’ve washed off the face mask, you can apply a cleansing lotion, toner and finish off with a moisturiser to reinvigorate tired skin.
Escape The Real World
If you have an Apple device, you may know that iBooks has a free book in store every single week. Why not take yourself away from your usual genre and try out something new? An exciting crime thriller, a magical fantasy or an inspiring true story. You’ll be able to escape the stresses of real life for a short while and take yourself into another world completely. Let yourself get lost in complex plotlines and let time slip away as you sit on the sofa, wrapped up in the story. Books are a great way to keep our mind active, and they offer a wonderful form of escapism which can be very relaxing.
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