Planning A Funeral On A Budget

The death of a loved one is one of the most traumatic experiences anyone can go through in their lives. It causes grief, stress, and then there’s the thought of planning the funeral. Funerals can be a costly affair, however if you are smart about what you spend, you can still have a great send off on a budget. Here’s how…
Shop around
Don’t be afraid to shop around your local area and ask plenty of questions when choosing a funeral director. You want a company who is friendly and understanding, and who are able to help you choose what you require for your budget.
Be up front about wanting to keep costs down
Funerals on a budget can be difficult to produce, but if you are upfront with the director to begin with; they will be able to help you cut down the costs.
Not all funeral directors and crematoriums will budge on price, but while you are talking about costs, it’s worth a try to get a little money off if you can.
Consider A Different Site
Think about the area around you, where is the most beautiful cemetery to visit? You might even find that the most beautiful is cheaper.
Ask Your Local Church For Help
Your local church will always have information about services such as funerals and weddings, and they may be able to help you find the best value venue for your service.
Pre-plan Wherever You Can
Spur of the moment decisions are always the culprits for expensive costs. Try and plan things ahead of time so that you don’t feel cornered and pressured into making a large purchase.
Make the obituary brief
Newspapers will charge you per word for a spot on its pages so make it short and sweet for maximum effect at a smaller price.
Bring a relative or friend
When you go to the funeral home or crematorium, bring along some support who can act as an impartial party. It means that if the funeral director tries to guilt trip you into something, your friend or family member can step in and stop you from forking out a large sum.
Skip the embalming.
Embalming may be the traditional way, but it is not required by many homes and can add an extra cost to your funeral plans with no reason. It’s bad for the environment and totally unnecessary.
Ask for low-cost burial plot locations
The view, size and location of a burial plot can affect the cost to you. Make sure to discuss options with your local cemetery to find the right plot for your loved one.
Skip the burial vault
It is not required by state law to have a burial vault, so don’t feel obliged to have one. Some cemeteries may require you to have one to protect their land, so check before you buy the plot.
Skip The Extras
Skip the caterers for the wake: make your own finger food. And if you are a keen gardener, make your own floral arrangements for a personal touch to the proceedings.
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