Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is dawning upon us, and many of us are already running around trying the find the best decorations, gifts for our families and of course trying to perfect that turkey recipe. The most challenging part of Christmas is finding the perfect gifts for the people we love. It can be difficult a lot of the time to think of what everyone would like, which is why we often end up giving up and asking instead. However, here are some ideas to give you some inspiration for your family and friends this year.
For The Men
Men love gadgets, technology and often anything with a splash of humour. If you are buying for an uncle or a male friend, you might want to stick to chocolate, beer or Thornton’s special toffee. However, for dads and partners- you’ll often find that they have a game or film series which they love, so you can buy that. And then to fill up their stocking you could look at funny promotional products, slippers and the classic- socks.
For The Women
It is well-known that women are much easier to buy for than men. There are much more options and you can really get creative. Bath sets are always a winner for aunties and grandmas, if you want to treat your mum you could buy her a perfume, a scarf, pyjamas or even a piece of jewellery. Many women also love stationery so you could take a trip down to Paperchase for a pretty notebook.
For Couples
Fun board games, activity days like zorbing or a spa retreat… chocolates. Couples are easier to buy for and you can play on their personalities and have a little fun with things. If you don’t know the couple too well, a bottle of wine is always a safe bet.
Children are the most important ones to please at Christmas, and luckily for us there are a ridiculous amount of gifts to choose from. You could opt for the route of an action figure, board games or even tonnes of sweets. Kids aren’t too fussy, so you’ll be fine.
Stocking Fillers
If you want some extra little bits to fill up everyone’s stocking this year, you could look at things like a fun festive mug, face masks or even a cute stuffed toy. The possibilities are endless, and as long as everyone gets that all-important Toblerone, you can play around with ideas.
If you want to let your creative side out when planning gifts this year, then buying a hamper basket and filling it to the brim with cheese, meats, wine and chocolate may be the best way to go. You’ll be able to sit in front of the TV watching a festive movie while filling up a festive hamper for your loved ones.
The Christmas Jumper
And of course, you can’t have Christmas without a silly jumper, and almost every shop you look in will have some hilarious choices for every member of the family.
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