Homemade Gin Hamper For Christmas

My husband and I have developed a taste for gin and tonic. So I thought this year I would put together a hamper full of items to make the perfect gin and tonic for my husband (and I!) to enjoy.
Gin has taken over from whisky as my husbands occasional tipple which I’m very happy about, as I’m not too keen on whisky.



Gin has become a very fashionable drink and bottles can sometimes cost ¬£10,000 to purchase! I’m not a gin connoisseur so I’m intending on buying the actual gin to go in the hamper from local producers such as Sloemotion, I tasted a lovely Hedgerow Gin by them at the recent Harrogate Rocks Gin Festival I attended. Sloemotion is produced in North Yorkshire. I think it’s nice to try something a little different at Christmas and with so many types to choose from, I shall take advice from the experts. I’m also going to visit local Christmas fayres and markets to source my gin. There is one held this weekend in Harrogate.
Of course there is no point in buying a lovely gin to completely ruin it by adding a cheap tonic. Fever Tree make lovely tonics and apparently certain gins should be drunk with certain flavours. I have no knowledge about this so I will buy a book, like this fab book from Fever Tree – The Art Of Mixing
I possibly may buy this book to add to the hamper too as it has great reviews.
Gone are the days when a gin and tonic was simply a measure of gin and a bottle of tonic with a slice of lemon and ice (if you’re lucky!). The most recent and best gin and tonics I’ve had have been flavoured by infusions of herbs, fruits, spices and flowers, which not only tastes amazing, but looks very pretty too.
Again being clueless as to what goes with what, I will look at the recipes in the books and I will also be purchasing a gift pack of infusions to add to the hamper, like the one below.
Next addition to the hamper will be some lovely balloon shaped glasses.
Of course there will need to be two as he’ll want to share with me, I’m sure! I quite like these Dartington Crystal glasses.
The whole lot will then be arranged in a basket, it will probably need to be quite sturdy to hold the bottles and I will use shredded paper to cushion the glasses and bottles, as well as it looks pretty. I will recycle the shredded paper from our shredder for this.


I think once it’s wrapped in cellophane and a few festive touches are added, it will look fab. I will post a picture once it’s completed.


I may also add some snacks to the basket such as popcorn and crisps. Whilst on the search for items for the hamper, I also came across some novelty items too. Coasters, T shirts and wooden plaques  which may make the hamper more personal. you could also add a long stirring spoon and ice trays.
Of course if this all seems to be too much effort
you could always buy a ready made hamper! I’m sure they will be equally appreciated.
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