30 Day Declutter Just In Time For Christmas!

I’m a little worried about where all the new gifts are going to go in our house at Christmas. We are literally bulging at the seams! I’m not a great lover of cleaning, tidying and getting rid of things. I confess to being a bit of a hoarder and I’m afraid my husband is very similar and at least three of my four children are following our example – is it a genetic thing? I always think I may need something in the future and I always think I’ll  wear clothes in the future that I haven’t worn for years!
Another habit I have, which is annoying is that I have bags of clothes, toys etc. etc. that I intend on selling on Ebay. The trouble is it never happens! The stuff goes into bin bags and lives in the corner of our bedroom for a few weeks, then it gets annoying and we put it into the loft where it’s forgotten about for a while. We then find the bag again and the cycle starts all over again! Over the next few weeks I’m going to set myself a task of listing five of these items a day and if it doesn’t sell after two times of being listed, I’ll send to charity. Hopefully I’ll make a bit of cash in the process.
Charity bags – now there’s a thing, why do I get five posted through the door in a week, then none when I have loads of stuff to donate? This causes a very cluttered porch, piled up with black bags, followed by a very cluttered car as I transport it all to the tip or shop.
To declutter I need a plan broken down into small realistic chunks, that doesn’t seem over powering I need to be SMART – going back to my managing people days!
How I hope my house will look!
I found a plan on the internet which I’ve adapted to our house. I just need to ensure I stay motivated. I actually love a clean and tidy house, I’m just not keen on the process of achieving it. As I move more and more gifts into the house and can’t find anywhere to hide them, the task has become a necessity. I have just the right number of days left before Christmas to achieve it and even have room to allow a couple of days off. That’s if I start TODAY – NOW!
Here’s my plan – wish me luck!

  1. Television cupboard – drinks and paperwork
  2. Books in bedroom and lounge (I have far too many!)
  3. CD’s and DVD’s in bedrooms and conservatory
  4. Paperwork cupboard/pile
  5. Coats and shoes in porch
  6. Bathroom cupboard and toiletries
  7. Makeup and jewellery box
  8. Under stairs (will need to set aside a full day!)
  9. Bedroom drawers and sides
  10. My clothes
  11. Husbands clothes (will delegate this task)
  12. The girls wardrobe and drawers
  13. My sons wardrobe and drawers
  14. Toys in the girls room
  15. Shelves in the boys room
  16. Fridge
  17. Freezer and top of fridge/freezer
  18. Medicine cupboard
  19. Food cupboards
  20. Pan cupboard
  21. Crockery, cooking dishes etc.
  22. Under the sink, cleaning products etc.
  23. Kitchen shelves
  24. Drawer full of junk.
  25. Cutlery drawers
  26. Tops of kitchen cupboards
  27. Kids toys 
  28. Boxes and shelves in conservatory
  29. The shed 
  30. The loft
I think some tasks will take longer than others and if I’m on a roll I might even blend a couple of days together. Realistically I’m not over confident about the shed and the loft, but if I get everything else done I will be very happy! 
Here’s to a clutter free Christmas in 30 days!


  1. November 22, 2017 / 12:24 am

    this is actually my plan for tomorrow. With company coming on Thursday, all I have planned all day is cleaning and getting a bunch of clothes ready to be donated. My trash bin will be pretty full before I'm done too #triumphanttales

  2. November 23, 2017 / 8:43 pm

    I am the complete opposite and regularly declutter – much to my family's annoyance actually, but this time of year is when I do go into overdrive – we did a trip to CEX at the weekend with bags of electronic stuff and DVDs etc and did a massive charity shop drop off – now I am moving onto Ebay although I have to say with Ebay it is such a faff and I may just leave it for another year. Good Luck. #Triumphant Tales.

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