Building The Perfect Home Office


Working from home can be a great thing – not only do you have endless coffee breaks, but you can also work your own hours and stay in your yoga pants all day long. But a home is full of distractions, piles of laundry that you would normally jump off a cliff to avoid, suddenly become more important than that deadline creeping up on you. So having the right space to work in, one free of distractions and geared towards creativity and focus is important.
Desk and Chair
As silly as it seems the right desk and chair can make all the difference. You’re going to be spending hours hunched over your keyboard, so ensuring your comfort and support is paramount. Oval chairs and minimalist chairs might look pretty and go with your décor, but you won’t be concerned about the aesthetics when you’re crippled with back pain. The desk importance comes from the space and storage you need. If you just need space for your laptop, then a small desk is perfect, but if you’re looking for more surface area, then look into a corner or extended desk. You can look into additional shelving for more storage.
You need to figure out the best layout for you. Do you work better near the window, or in a nook? Do you want to be facing the room or the wall? Take into account the way light will glare off your screen throughout the day, and draughts or heat problems near your electronics. It’s all about your comfort; you’re the one using this space, no one else, so the layout should suit you. If you’re one of those people who hates to sit in one place for ages, why not have an armchair or sofa handy.
From files to books or gym equipment – most homes will be looking for extra storage space and so can’t not use the office to store things. But, as your office, you probably want all things not work related tucked out of sight? How about a bookcase with doors to block out those un-wanted spines?  Or a combo of open shelves and cupboards would allow you to display your books and office-like essentials while tucking away the other paraphernalia.
Like any other space in the house, you want this room to reflect you and look great. Just because it’s where you work doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be hanging photos, paintings or throwing some scatter cushions about the place. Having a space that you enjoy will help you to stay focused and will make you want to spend time in that room. Add potted plants to help boost your creativity and clear the room’s atmosphere.

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