My Top 5 Tips on Avoiding Disaster This Christmas

With the festive season approaching fast, it is a good idea to get planning now, to make sure that you enjoy a stress-free Christmas, as well as one that is free from disaster! Just a few small things that you do now can make sure that your festive season and family time all runs smoothly. Making the home a happy, warm, and safe place to be is a must. So here is a quick little checklist to help you over the next few weeks.

Keep Recipes Simple
When you’re entertaining over the festive period, you don’t want to be slaving away in the kitchen for hours on end. So keep your Christmas fare as fuss-free as you can. You can still have some tasty and delicious food when you keep things simple, or even easier, buy ready made for you.

Check Heating and Hot Water
Christmas is a time when you will have plenty of people coming over, more than likely, with a few of them staying over if they live far away. You will want to check that your heating system is all work well, and that the hot water is heating to the temperature that it should be. Otherwise, it can lead to a pretty disastrous time for all in the house. So check your boiler, replace with a new boiler if needed, as well as checking the hot water system. You could also bleed your radiators to make sure that they are heating the rooms up as they should.

Prepare Desserts Ahead of Time
Things like Christma pudding, mincemeat filling, and Christmas cake can be easily prepared ahead of time. As they are pretty long lasting, it is a good idea to get those kinds of thing made up now, so that you’ve got them if you need them. Then you know that they are taken care of and you won’t go without on Christmas day. It is a good way to help you get in the festive mood too!

Less is More
When it comes to decorations around the house, as well as Christmas dinner, less is definitely more. Keep things simple when you’re decorating. Not only will it reduce the mess and clutter in the home, but it will also reduce what you have to clear up. Some fresh flowers or a poinsettia could work well as a festive centrepiece, and some fairy lights can light up the place. Just make sure they are switched off when they’re not needed; a house fire is the last thing you will want.

Clean Up
This time of year is when people can get sick and carry germs around with them. So when there are lots of you altogether, you are likely to get more sick if there is illness. So disinfect your home, keep it clean, and open the windows from time to time, to let the air circulate. It won’t be a very jolly Christmas if you’re all feeling ill!
De clutter

Try to declutter your home in the run-up to Christmas. Try writing a plan like this one to keep you on track. this plan should have you clutter free I 30 days! 

Have you started planning for Christmas yet? How do you avoid disaster?


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