Homely Touches Just In Time For Christmas

The magical time of Christmas is finally upon us, and even though not all of us have our Christmas trees up just yet, you can’t deny that the festive feeling is slowly creeping in. It’s almost time for a plethora of delicious food and drinks, alongside great company and the gift exchanging. If it’s your turn to host Christmas this year, then you may want to add some extra touches to your home to wow your guests. Here are some homely touches to consider adding to your home just in time for Christmas.


One of the main things that many people identify Christmas with, is the beautiful smells that it brings with it. The freshness of the air outside is enough to bring excitement to anyone alone. However, smells that contain cinnamon or mulled wine are totally Christmas based and you should consider buying some air fresheners that give off those smells. Dot them around your home for that extra Christmassy feeling this year.


When you think about Christmas, it’s likely that you imagine snuggling in front of the fire with a cup of something that’s going to warm your tummy. So why not make sure that your sofa is comfier than it’s ever been by getting some extra padding for the cushion covers? You can get foam cut to size fairly cheaply and if you like you could completely replace the current fillings inside the cushions for a totally relaxed and cosy Christmas. Alternatively, you could make extra cushions for your sofa for all of you to snuggle up to.


Christmas is all about the twinkling lights that you see when you drive through town. So go big with your lights this year and add extra lights to your home. If you’d normally stick to lights just on your tree, consider running them down your bannister of your stairs with tinsel to cover the wire, or on a shelf (along with the elf right?), and even outside to make your home look extra festive. Remember if you’re using lights outside to purchase lights that are created to be used outdoors.

Personalise Everything

Yep, everything. Why not get the kids involved and get them to create placemats for all of your guests? They could draw their own pictures and write their names underneath. All you’d need to do is laminate the placemats just in case of any spills! The same can be done for wine glasses, plates, christmas crackers, hats, and even the Christmas cards you send out. Not only is it great fun for you and the children to do, but it will save a lot of money!
Christmas is a wonderful time of year, and considering it’s only one day perhaps we take it too far, but why shouldn’t we? Go big this Christmas and wow your guests with all of the efforts you’ve been putting in. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy your Christmas!
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