5 Meaningful Alternative Gift Ideas

Christmas is so close now that you can practically taste the turkey. While this is exciting for a lot of us, it can also be incredibly stressful if you haven’t yet thought of the perfect gift to give the ones you love. Toys are obvious for kids, and things like bath sets are normal for adults, but after several years of the same sorts of things, it can get pretty boring, which isn’t something you want for your family and friends. You want to give these people something they will genuinely enjoy and something that has some meaning and love behind it. With that in mind, here are five alternative gifts that you could give your loved ones this Christmas.
1. Framed Photo
There is nothing more personal to someone than a picture of their own face in a photo frame. If you and your loved one have any recent pictures together, then a great gift idea is to pick one (or a few) and have it framed. It doesn’t matter whether these pictures were taken on a special trip or just at the local supermarket; As long as they are going to make your loved one smile, they will do the job.
2. Donate To Charity
If you want to make a point about Christmas not being about material things, then giving a gift of a donation to a charity close to your loved one’s heart is a wonderful gesture. However, you should discuss this with your family, rather than just springing it on them, as they might not be too pleased. It also probably won’t work well with younger children.

3. Something Baked
Making your gifts by hand is a great way to show that you care, as you’ve put effort into the gift’s creation. Since food is a big part of Christmas, baking your family something is a great idea. If you think something sweet would work, then you can look up maple syrup recipes or cookie recipes. If they’re not big fans of the sweet stuff, then you could bake some savoury pastries or a dish that they can heat up on boxing day.

4. A Musical Instrument

Rather than give the ones you love something meaningless and materialist, why not give them the gift of music? This will provide hours more enjoyment than any toy or bath set possibly could. This is an even better gift for children, as they’ll have longer to perfect their talent.

5. Create A Memory
Regular presents can last for a while, but eventually, they run out or can no longer be used for some reason. The same can’t be said for memories; They last forever. For this reason, take your loved one to a sports game, a concert, a museum, or the beach. Trust me, they will be much more grateful for your time than anything else you could give them.

Holidays can be expensive, but they shouldn’t have to be if you don’t want them to be. Making your gifts meaningful should always be more important than how much money you’re spending.

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