Pure Pet Cat Food Review – get £15 off any starter pack!

We are the owners, or rather we are owned by a very beautiful Bengal cat called Lucy. She is adored by everyone in the family even though she is a bit of a diva!
Food is Lucy’s main priority in life and if it’s not to her taste she will simply refuse to eat it. She will sniff the food tentatively and then literally turn her nose up. For the rest of the day Lucy will follow us around the house until we find something more to her taste.


For the above reason I tentatively agreed to review Pure Pet Cat food, or rather I agreed on Lucy’s behalf!
I was sent two boxes to review, one called Whisker Licken Chicken – perfect for fussy and sensitive cats and the other box contained Surf and Turf – again, perfect for fussy and sensitive cats.


Each pack of food is made from 800g of fresh food and contains just six ingredients. The food contains no grains, which is so often used to bulk out pet food. The food arrives freeze dried in order to preserve the fresh and raw ingredients in the recipes. The food is also of human quality, made in a human food facility in Yorkshire.
It is recommended to slowly introduce Pure pet food to your cat. There is a handy feeding guide on the pack which recommends how many scoops a day your cat should have.


To rehydrate the freeze dried Pure food you add the recommended scoops of water to the number of scoops of food used. Conveniently this is the same scoop of food to water. The food is then mixed well and left for 2-3 minutes before serving.


We decided to try Whisker Licken Chicken for Lucy as chicken is her food of choice, so much so I think she eats more of the Sunday roast than us!
I mixed one scoop of dehydrated food with one scoop of tepid water, I then added a bit more to get the desired consistency. After a couple of minutes I gave the food to Lucy. I was a little unsure how it was going to go, as she was a little cautious at first. Once she had tried a little she ate the lot!


Lucy’s verdict is that “it was very tasty and can I have some more please? :)”


In conclusion I will definitely look at purchasing more of Pure Pet cat food. I like the fact that there are only a few ingredients used and that it is of human quality. It was easy to serve and most of all it was enjoyed by Lucy!
*for the purpose of this review I received two packs of Pure Pet cat food. All words and opinions are my own.

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